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Human Resource Management Books, Notes and syllabus for MBA

Human Resource Management HRM

About Human Resource Management Human Resource Management(HRM) is one of the important subjects for MBA students. Human resource management, HRM, is the division of a business organization that cares for the hiring, management and terminating of staff. HRM centers around the capacity of individuals inside the business, guaranteeing best work …

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Database Management Systems Books, Notes and Syllabus – MBA

About Database Management Systems Check out the Database Management Systems Books, notes and Syllabus for free Download. Each operating manager needs to manage the issues and the open doors stood to them in controlling and managing data and data systems. Since the board systems are significant for an effective endeavor, …

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Counselling Skills for Managers Pdf Free Download – MBA

Counselling Skills for Managers PDF Name of the Subject: Counselling Skills for Managers Useful for: MBA Format: PDF Availability: Free Download Language: English. Author: Bookslock About Counselling Skills for Managers Check out the full details about the Counselling Skills for Managers. Counselling Skills for Managers Is one of the important …

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Consumer Behaviour pdf free download – MBA Books

Consumer Behaviour

Name of the Book: Consumer Behaviour Book Format: PDF Availability: Free to Download No.Of Pages: 450 Name of the Author: Bookslock Book Language: English About Consumer Behaviour Check out the full details about the Consumer Behaviour In Pdf Format. It will be available in both Book and Notes Format. Consumer …

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Corporate Governance Pdf Free Download – MBA

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance for MBA Name of the Book: Corporate Governance Book Format: PDF Availability: Free Download Useful for: MBA and Competitive Exams. Book Language: English Name of the Author: Bookslock. About Corporate Governance Check out the full details about the Corporate Governance. Here we provided this Corporate Governance subject in …

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Civil Aviation Management PDF Download – MBA

Hi All, In this article we are providing Civil Aviation Management PDF free Download. This Subject is available in Textbook and Notes Format. Civil Aviation Management is mainly useful for MBA and Management Students. The author’s Clearly explained about this subject by using simple language. About Civil Aviation Management In …

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