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Insurance is a way of risk management. When you are buying insurance, you transfer the potential losses to the insurance company in exchange for the fees known as premiums. Insurance companies securely invest funds, so it can increase, and when it has a claim, it can be repaid


1. A homeowner is safe because mortgage lenders will know in your home 2.Drive cars, because some people can afford legal costs associated with collision and injuries without repair, healthcare costs, and coverage. 3. If you are disabled or suffer from serious illness, keep your current living standards 4.Cover health care like prescription medications, dental care, eye care, and other health related items 5.Providing for your family a death event 6.Run a small business or family farm by managing risks 7. Leave a vacation without worrying about flight canceling or other potential issues



If you are not bound by your home insurance law but if you have a mortgage, most lenders will be forced to ensure your home appropriately.


Health insurance hospitals or hospitals or their practices are used to pay for personal care from various health professionals.


If you die, life insurance policy pays for dependents.


This is a criminal offense for driving a driverless car in Ireland’s public roads.


When accepting a mortgage, you will have to consider how to pay for your death and you will usually need to take a mortgage protection insurance.


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