A good guide is essential when it comes to preparing for exams that decide your fate. Thus, it is best to rely on a book that can give you an insight on a wide range of aspects related to the subject. Mechanical Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type) is an apt book for those who are looking to brush up their knowledge and be well prepared for the exam.

Name of the Book Mechanical Engineering (Conventional and Objective Types)
Name of the Author(s) S.R. Khurma and J.K Gupta
Name of the Publisher S.Chand
Book Format PDF
Language English


Mechanical Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type)
Mechanical Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type)

Major contents covered in Mechanical Engineering (Conventional and Objective Types)

For all those who are preparing to appear in examinations pertaining to careers in the IAS (Engineering group), U.P.S.C. (Engineering Services) or other B.Sc. Engineering related fields, this proves to be one of the best compiled versions in its category.

The primary contents of the book include the following:

Material Strength

Engineering Mathematics

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Heating and Cooling

Engine type and details

Production Management

Industrial Engineering

The book uses simple language to describe each content in a brief manner such that it offers optimum aid to the learners. The book covers innumerable questions that follow the objective type pattern. The book also provides answers that are highly descriptive with the use of examples. It also contains questions that reflect the question paper pattern thus making it easier for the student to get an idea of what’s in store for him/her on the day of the exam.

About the Author

The book, Mechanical Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type) is a compilation of R.S. Khurmi. Having pursued his professional degree from Phagwara and Delhi, R.S Khurma later began his career as an Engineer in the state of Punjab in North West India. It was quiet later that he got into teaching and started writing Engineering textbooks as a guide to the young learners. He is claimed as one of the leading authors in Asia when it comes to the subject of Engineering.

Originally, this book was a compilation of S.R. Khurma and J.K Gupta. However, its latest edition is revised and re-published by S. Chand Publishers.