Optical Fiber Communication by P Chakrabarti Download

Optical Fiber Communication by P ChakrabartiName of the Book: Optical Fiber Communication

Author(s) Name: P Chakrabarti

Edition: 1 st Edition

Name of the Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Education

Book Format: PDF

Book Language: English

Optical Fiber Communication by P Chakrabarti. This textbook is one of the important book for Electronic and Communication Engineering Students. I suggest this book who want to know complete information about Optical Communication. The author clearly Explained about this book by using simple language.

The text book on Optical Fiber Communication describes the optical fiber with its low-loss and high bandwidth characteristics which has the potential to provide enormous capacity of transmitted data as compared to electronic means. This book will describe the fundamental operation and recent advances in the exciting area of optical fiber communication systems.

Table of Contents of Optical Fiber Communication

  1. Introduction.
  2. Optical Fiber Fundamentals.
  3. Mode Analysis for Optical Fibers.
  4. Transmission Characteristics of Optical Fibers.
  5. Optical Sources.
  6. Power Launching and Fiber Coupling.
  7. Photo detectors.
  8. Direct Detection Optical Receivers.
  9. Analog and Digital Optical Link Design.
  10. Optical and Photonic Components.
  11. Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Optical Networks.
  12. Optical Fiber Measurement and Testing.

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