Practical Railway Engineering by Clifford F Bonnett

Name of the Book: Practical Railway Engineering

Name of the Author’s: Clifford F Bonnett

Name of the Publisher: Imperial College Press

Book Language: English

Book Format: Pdf

About Practical Railway Engineering

This textbook covers the very wide spectrum of all aspects of railway engineering for all engineering disciplines, in a ‘broad brush’ way giving a good overall knowledge of what is involved in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining a railway. It covers all types of railway systems including light rail and metro as well as main line. The first edition has proved very popular both with students new to railways and with practicing engineers who need to work in this newly expanding area.In the second edition, the illustrations have been improved and brought up to date, particularly with the introduction of 30 color pages which include many newly taken photographs. The text has been reviewed for present day accuracy and, where necessary, has been modified or expanded to include reference to recent trends or developments. New topics include automatic train control, level crossings, dot matrix indicators, measures for the mobility impaired, reinforced earth structures, air conditioning, etc. Recent railway experience, both technical and political, has also been reflected in the commentary.

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