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Data warehousing and data mining Textbook Free Download BookslockName of the Book: Data WareHousing & Data Mining Textbook (DWDM)

Author(s) Name: Elliot King

Name of the Publisher: JNTU

Book Format: PDF

Book Language: English

Data WareHousing & Data Mining (DWDM) Textbook Pdf Free Download. DWDM textbook is one of the Important Textbook for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Students. This textbook is also useful to JNTU, JntuA, JntuH, JntuK, Andhra University Students. Data Ware Housing and Data Mining Textbook is also useful to Students who were preparing for Competitive Exams.

Table of Contents of Data Warehousing and Data Mining(DWDM) Textbook

Below are the Table of contents of Data Warehousing and Data Mining (DWDM) Textbook

  • Introduction to Data Warehouse.
  • Building a Data Warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse: Architecture.
  • OLAP Technology.
  • Introduction to Data Mining.
  • Data Preprocessing.
  • Mining Association Rules.
  • Classification and Prediction.
  • Cluster Analysis.
  • Advanced Techniques of Data Mining and its Applications.

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