Engineering Mechanics Textbook by R.S.Khurmi Pdf Free Download. This book is useful for Undergraduate Students in Mechanical Engineering Stream. R.S.Khurmi Clearly explained about Engineering Mechanics book by using simple language. Engineering Mechanics is also useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams.

Engineeing Mechanics Textbook by r.s khurmi free download

About Engineering Mechanics Textbook

Name of the Book  A Textbook of Engineering Mechanics
Name of the Author R.S. Khurmi
Name of the Publisher  S. Chand
Book Format PDF
Book Language English
  • Introduction
  • Composition and Resolution of ForceMoments and Their Applications
  • Moments and Their ApplicationsParallel Forces and Couples
  • Parallel Forces and CouplesEquilibrium of Forces
  • Equilibrium of ForcesCentre of Gravity
  • Centre of GravityMoment of Intertia
  • Moment of Intertia
  • Principles of Friction
  • Applications of Friction
  • Principles of Lifting Machines
  • Simple Lifting Machine
  • Support Reactions
  • Analysis of Perfect Frames (Analytical Method)
  • Analysis of Perfect Frames (Graphical Method)
  • Equilibrium of strings
  • Virtual Work
  • Linear Motion
  • Motion Under Variable Acceleration
  • Relative Velocity
  • Projectiles
  • Motion of Rotation
  • Combined Motion of Rotation and Translation
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Laws of Motion
  • Motion of Connected Bodies
  • Helical Springs and Pendulums
  • Collision of Elastic Bodies
  • Motion Along a Circular Path
  • Balancing of Rotating Masses
  • Work, Power and Energy
  • Kinetics of Motion of  Rotation
  • Motion of Vehicles
  • Transmission of Power by Belt and Ropes
  • Transmission of Power by Gear Trains
  • Hydrostatics
  • Equilibrium of Floating Bodies
  • Index

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