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About Fundamentals of Irrigation and On-Farm Water Management

Fundamentals of Irrigation On Farm Water Management Volume 1 by M H Ali


Name of the Book Fundamentals of Irrigation and On-Farm Water Management
Name of the Author M H Ali
Name of the Publisher Springer
Book Format PDF
Book Language English

Agriculture is one of the few industries that has been creating resources continuously from nature. Sustainability of this industry is a crucial issue at nowadays. Agricultural technologies are important to feed the growing world population. Agricultural engineering has been applying science principles for the optimal use of natural resources in agricultural production for the benefit of humankind. The role of agricultural engineering is increasing in the coming days at the forthcoming challenges of producing more food with less water coupled with climate uncertainty. I am happy to know that a book entitled “Fundamentals of Irrigation and On-farm Water Management“, written by Engr. Dr. M. H. Ali is going to be published by Springer. The book is designed to cover the major fields of agricultural and environmental engineering such as weather, plant, soil, water, and basics of on-farm water management. The book will be quite useful for the students of agricultural engineering. Students of other related branches of engineering sciences, and engineers working in the field and at research institutes will also be benefited. The book may serve as a textbook for the students and as a practical handbook for the practitioners and researchers in the field of irrigation and on-farm water management. Utilization of the recent literature in the area and citation of relevant journals/reports have added a special value to this book. Considering the topics covered, engineers, scientists, practitioners, and educators will find this book as a valuable resource.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Perspectives and General Concept of Irrigation.
  2. Fundamentals of Irrigation Development and Planning.
  3. Weather: A Driving Force in Determining Irrigation Demand.
  4. Soil: A Media for Plant Growth.
  5. Plant: A Machinery of Water Absorption.
  6. Water: An Element of Irrigation.
  7. Field Water Balance.
  8. Soil–Water–Plant–Atmosphere Relationship.
  9. Crop Water Requirement and Irrigation Scheduling.
  10. Measurement of Irrigation Water.
  11. Water Conservation and Harvesting.
  12. Economics in Irrigation Management and Project Evaluation.

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