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About Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by Santosh Kumar Garg

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by Santosh Kumar Garg Free Download


Name of the Book  Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures
Name of the Author Santosh Kumar Garg
Name of the Publisher Khanna Publications
Book Format PDF
Book Language English

Irrigation is the Science of giving water to the lands as per the necessities of the harvests developed in that. It has been found to build the profitability of rain-bolstered lands by as much as five circumstances in a tropical nation like India. The yearly crisp water supply (spillover) in India in 1869 b.cum. Be that as it may, the present usage (1997) is just 605 b.cum for every one of its employments. Out of this, around 500 b.cum, i.e. around 83%, is being utilized for water system alone. Indeed, even with such a gigantic rate of use of water for Irrigation, we are quite recently ready to irrigate just around 40% of our gross edited region. Extra waters are, in this way, required to be created for bringing extra trimmed range under Irrigation, to build our nourishment and fiber generation. The methods which are utilized for advancement and administration of water assets turn out to be essentially critical in this context and have been clearly clarified in Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures. The present release has further been overhauled and refreshed with modifying of specific articles and with an expansion of certain new subjects and numerical illustrations. The question bank containing inquiries of Engineering Services and Civil Services Exams

Table of Contents

  • Irrigation Techniques And Quality Of Irrigation Water
  • Water Requirements Of Crops
  • Canal Irrigation System
  • Sediment Transport And Design Of Irrigation Channels Estimation Of Suspended Load In A Canal Design Procedure For Irrigation Canal
  • Lining Of Irrigation Canals And Economics Of Lining Types Of Linings And Their Construction And Uses
  • Reclamation Of Water-Logged And Saline Soils For Agricultural Purposes
  • Hydrology And Design Flood Estimation Weather And Its Precipitation Potential Precipitation Gauges And Precipitation Data Analysis Of Precipitation Data Snowfall And Snow Melt Abstractions From Rainfall Including Infiltration And Evaporation Streamflow Measurement And Gauge Discharge Curves Runoff And Factors Affecting Runoff Computing Runoff From Its Given Rainfall Estimation Of Flood Discharge
  • Rivers, Their Behaviour, Control And Training
  • Diversion Head Works
  • Hydraulic Jump And Its Usefulness In The Design Of Irrigation Structures
  • Theories Of Seepage And Design Of Weirs And Barrages Some Important Indian Barrages
  • Canal Falls
  • Regulators Modules, And Miscellaneous Canal Structures Canal Regulators Canal Escapes Metering Flumes Canal Outlets Or Modules Miscellaneous Canal Structures
  • Cross Drainage Works
  • Construction Of Culverts And Small Road Bridges Across Drains And Canals Causeways And Box Culverts
  • Ground Water Hydrology And Construction Of Wells And Tubewells
  • Dams In General And A few Dams In Particular Stories Of A Few Important Dams
  • Reservoirs And Planning For Dam Reservoirs Designing Reservoir Capacity Flood Routing Or Flood Absorption Reservoir Regulation.
  • Design And Construction Of Gravity Dams Stability Analysis Construction Of Gravity Dams.
  • Earthen Dams And Rock Fill Dams Seepage Analysis Seepage Control In Earth Dams.
  • Spillways, Energy Dissipators, And Spillway Gates Types Of Crest Gates
  • Outlet Works Through Dams And River Intakes
  • Pressure Conduits
  • Hydro-Electric Power
  • River Navigation
  • Tank Irrigation
  • Arch And Buttress Dams
  • Irrigation Revenue Rates
  • Chapter wise Multichoice Objective Questions
  • Test Paper On Objective Questions
  • Important Information To Students On UPSC Competitions and Conventional Questions Of Past Years
  • Objective Questions Of Engineering Service Exams
  • Objective Questions Of AMIE Exams (New Scheme)
  • Appendix

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