Irrigation Engineering Textbook by R.N. Reddy Free Download Pdf. This is one of the important textbook for Civil Engineering Students. Irrigation Engineering Textbook by R.N. Reddy is useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams. Effective irrigation, upgraded pertinent technologies, in this way gives a most lucrative source to making agriculture beneficial and advantageous.

Irrigation includes the artificial application of water to soil, for the most part to assist the development of yields in dry zones or where there is a lack of rainfall. As the procedure of agriculture turns out to be increasingly automated, the application of logical strategies and innovation to the strategy of Irrigation does not shock anyone. With farming yields decreasing and interest for nourishment expanding, the weight on agriculture is monstrous and no stone is to be left unturned in taking care of requests and expectations. Compelling Irrigation Engineering, upgraded apropos advances, in this way gives a most lucrative source to making agriculture productive and beneficial. Irrigation Engineering by R.N. Reddy Pdf Free Download.

Irrigation Engineering by R.N.Reddy Pdf Free Download

Name of the Book  Irrigation Engineering
Name of the Author R.N Reddy
Name of the Publisher Gene-Tech Books
Book Format PDF
Book Language English

This book has been composed as a manual managing rural specialists on the standards and ideas which characterize irrigation building. Explaining upon the apparatuses, technologies and strategies which are basic to the field, the content investigates the sorts of irrigation, including surface, confined and sprinkler frameworks, and how they are changing agriculture itself by making it more logical. Not withstanding it the difficulties confronted by irrigation frameworks including those of entrophication, water contamination, exhaustion of underground aquifers, and so forth., are like wise talked about. Current patterns and improvement have been broke down and additionally the future prospects and openings.

Contents of the Irrigation Engineering Book

  • A Preface
  • Importance of Irrigation Engineering
  • Estimation of Irrigation Demand
  • Irrigation Schemes and Methods
  • Modern Canal Operation Techniques
  • Design of On-demand Irrigation Systems
  • Mapping Water Networks
  • Drainage Pipes and Accessories
  • Drainage and Disposal Systems
  • Surface and Subsurface Drainage
  • Installation and Maintenance of Drainage Materials
  • Evaluation of Irrigation Project
  • B Bibliography
  • C Index

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