Structural Analysis -1 textbook Pdf Free Download. This ebook will useful to most of the students who were studying Civil Engineering (CE). Structural Analysis 1 Textbook will also useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams.

About Structural Analysis -1 textbook

Structural analysis is the practice of assessing the effects of a particular load on physical structures and their components. Structures that are put through this analysis include buildings, vehicles, bridges, furniture, attire, and machinery, to name a few. Analyzing and designing structures is an essential part of a civil engineer’s training. This subject is mostly taught at the undergraduate level, as students need to have a clear understanding of analysis and design.

This edition of Structural Analysis-I is a revised edition that provides the readers with a comprehensive overview of structural analysis, measurements of deflection, the types of deflection, influence lines, and loads. This book, along with the second part, covers the entire course requirements of undergraduate students for two semesters. Several topics from this book are also covered in post-graduate degrees.

In total, there are 12 chapters in this book. Some chapters include Three Moment Equation, Deflections of Pin-Jointed Plane Frames, Cables and Suspension Bridges, Influence Lines for Bridge Trusses, and Introduction to Analysis of Indeterminate Structures.

Structural Analysis-I starts off by introducing the readers to the subject and moves on to cover advanced topics. has presented the important concepts in a simple manner, which helps the readers grasp the concepts easily. Additionally, he has included a number of examples and problems that bring clarity to the subject. In this revised edition, the author has improved upon the diagrams and calculations included. Through the course of this book, he has made sure to include SI units, with standard notations.

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