T. V. Engineering (Television Engineering) Textbook by R. R. Gulati

T. V. Engineering (Television Engineering) Textbook by R. R. Gulati. From the time of its publication, it continues to be popular as a comprehensive textbook because of its in-depth presentation of the analysis and synthesis of television pictures, generation of composite video and audio signals, channel bandwidth requirements and design factors of various sections of the receiver.

With rapid advances in television technology signal processing has mostly changed from analog to digital and transmission from terrestrial to via satellites. Thus to keep pace with these developments, Prof. Gulati wrote another three books for the benefit of engineering students and those engaged in the field of television and its applications. The books are:

1. Colour Television—Principles and Practice: This book describes colour TV principles in depth and gives detailed insight of colour TV systems and standards, frequency synthesized tuning and channel selection, chroma processing sub–systems and matrixing, modern receiver circuits employing latest ICs and also colour receiver alignment and servicing.

2. Modern Television Practice—Principles, Technology and Servicing: The main feature of this book is the side by side coverage of B&W and colour TV transmission and reception techniques for a better grasp of the entire field of television engineering. It also contains chapters on Satellite Television Technology, Cable Television, VCR and Video Disc Recording and Play Back Digital Television and Advanced Television Systems.

3. Composite Satellite and Cable Television: This book presents basics and systematic exposition to various equipment’s, devices and circuit formulations involved in Satellite and Cable Television. Its 2nd edition contains extended coverage on Signal Encoding Compression Techniques, Digital Satellite Transmission and Reception, Conditional Access System (CAS), Direct-to-Home Satellite Broadcasts, High Definition TV (HDTV) and TV Home Entertainment Theatres.

To make this book Monochrome and Colour Television complete and more useful, introductory chapters on (i) Satellite Television (ii) Liquid Crystal and Plasma Screen TV Receivers and (iii) Three Dimensional (3D) Television have been added in this edition.

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