Textbook of Engineering Geology by N Chenna Kesavulu Book Download is one of the Important books for Geological Engineering and Civil Engineering Students. This Book is also useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive Exams.

Textbook of Engineering Geology presents study of geology comprehensively from a civil engineering point of view. The author contends that mere technical perfection cannot ensure the safety and success of large-scale civil engineering constructions such as bridges, tunnels and dams. To achieve these objectives the geology of the sites needs to be assessed. This book aims to fulfil this priority need.

The book begins with an introduction to basic concepts of different branches of geology, and further deals with their relevance from the civil engineering point of view. Appropriate case studies have been quoted to highlight the practical relevance of the subject. While stratigraphy has been given due emphasis, relevant details on ground water, earthquakes, landslides, geophysical investigations and engineering properties of rocks have been included. The book is amply supplemented with illustrations – adding to the richness and lucidity of the text.

This book, primarily aimed at undergraduate civil engineering students, deals with the relevance of geology for safe and successful large-scale civil engineering constructions. It may also serve as a sourcebook for practicing civil engineers.

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